December Specials

I checked the calendar today and we have 17 more days until Christmas!  If you’ve done as little shopping as me, your weekend plan may include making a list and doing some online shopping that guarantees shipping (fast shipping!)  And if it were FREE shipping it would be even better- right?  I thought so.  For any Norwex orders placed this month, I’ll pay for your shipping!  You can start your shopping online at

I can take orders over the phone or by email and Norwex accepts Visa or Mastercard.  If you’re one of the extraordinary ladies who already have all your Christmas shopping done… maybe consider treating yourself to some new supplies for your after the holidays cleanup.  In addition to FREE shipping this month, here are the monthly specials Norwex is offering:

1) Essential Care Pack (item ID: cu1DEC) $48.99 includes: 1 car cloth & 1 car wash mitt

2) Santa Sport Pack (item ID: cu2DEC) $49.99 includes: 1 antibacterial sports towel & 1 sportzyme

3) Holiday Cleaning Pack (item ID:cu3DEC) $46.99 includes: 1 antibacterial enviromental cloth, 1 antibacterial window cloth, 1 antibacterial dusting mitt

4) Twinkle Toe Foot Pack (item ID:cu4DEC) $49.99 includes: 1 NEW timeless footprints lotion, 1 foot stone, 1 spa socks

5) Ultimate Dream Pack (item ID:cu5DEC) $91.99 includes: 1 antibacterial dusting mitt, 1 antibacterial window cloth, 1 antibacterial enviromental cloth, 2 pack of spirinetts, 1 antibacterial body pack, 1 antibacterial large enviromental cloth (13×23)

I’m also starting to book Norwex shows for the month of January.  Its a good way to get rid of those extra holiday sweets.. book a party and I can help with that after the holidays cleanup!

Happy Holidays-

your Norwex consultant


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