Twenty-six of my Christmas cards went to the post office today.. which means I’m about half way through sending our cards!  For the past eight years we’ve sent a Christmas picture and letter every year.  Its been a tradition.  This year I sat down on numerous occasions to write and the page stayed blank.  I’m starting to feel that traditions should be broke once in awhile anyways..

We had a slow morning here.  Just laying around & reading books.  Next on the list for the slow day is laundry.  I’ve been washing loads a day lately as both our munchkins are super soakers.  In my dream house we’d have the washer and dryer on the main level and I wouldn’t have to drag loads of laundry up and down the basement stairs (with my small baby bump supporting each basket).  Sigh… but oh it is good to have drawers stacked with clean clothes.  Even just for an hour.

One week till Christmas, friends!  I know it will come whether or not I feel all the details are “ready”.  Two of these arrived in the mail today because my little girl loves her hair bows.  And oh does she have a special dress to wear with them!  Celebrating the small things.


One thought on “Slow

  1. It’s always fun to read and look at books. On cold, dreary days I dream of sitting in my den with the fire going and curled up with a good book, but I am usually at work 🙂 I can’t believe that it’s less than a week till Christmas. I have been so far behind this year with being out of town and then losing a week while I was sick. Oh well, the important things will get done, and all of those details just may not get ready 🙂

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