Happy Day

I have many pictures and memories I want to share of our Christmas with family.. but there were two huge days in our family this week that I can hardly wait but to share.

Thursday was my last day of work!  We’ve known for so many months that I would be laid off.  But then I had to go through the months of knowing and waiting and seeing things slowly but surely end in my job of almost six years.  It was an emotional end to a job I enjoyed and saying good-bye to many co-workers that feel more like a family then just “people you work with”.  We were a very diverse team and I learnt many life lessons from those around me.  But am I sad to say I’m unemployed?  Not one bit.  I came home that night to Ryan and two happy kiddos who made a banner: “ happy no more job day, mom” along with a delicious ice cream cake for our evening dessert:

The morning after our celebration Ryan and I were holding hands as we were back in the hospital for our level two ultrasound.   We’ve had such peace in the past weeks.  There was the scare of hearing about our babies’ cyst and what that could mean.. but then there was peace.  Friday we sat watching as our third “surprise baby” was moving about inside me and were told there was no cyst.  Not a trace.  Baby is growing and beautiful. We are thankful.

For 2012 I know there will be changes.  We anticipate wonderful things in store for our family.. but know through it all (the wonderful and the hard) we can trust Him.  His ways are good.

Its a happy day.  The first of our New Year.


3 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. Enjoyed this…..the last day of your job. Your family’s response to it. And especialy about baby’s cyst being gone. PRAISE GOD. I’ve been thnking about jobs and co workers lately. That you don’t choose your co workers, and they don’t choose you, you are sort of thrust upon each other. You become sort of like a family in that there is great diversity amonst you, and no matter what, you need to get along to get your job done. You can only choose your friends, That of course can be interesting, too. My co workers all get along, seem to respect each other, no back talking that I know of, there is great diversity, with acceptance, and cooperation to help each other to get the job done. I think it’s because our lead ct tech sets the tone for that type of enviornment.

  2. I am thrilled by your good report, Liz! I am so happy for you that you will be able to be home with your children, too! Those were truly the best days of my life and nobody can ever take that precious time away! Much love to you all!

  3. I am quite confident that the year of 2011 couldn’t have ended on a better note than the good report from the utlrasound, nor could 2012 have a better beginning. Jim and I rejoice with you and Ryan and feel such gratitude to our wonderful God.

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