I’m getting little things done around here.

Lucia and I had our first day (just the two of us) yesterday.  Jameson was off to daycare for his pre- preschool class which he has Tuesday & Thursday.  Hoping those days will bring about some needed rest, structure, and organizing.

Over the past months I’ve been slowly working with Jameson and doing little chores around the house.  I know he’s only three, but the tasks are very minimal.. trust me.  One of his chores now is putting away his clean laundry.  He knows where things go and is very good about stacking his drawers.  Last night I was cleaning the bathroom as he was in his room putting away his laundry.  A moment later he was back in the bathroom:

” mom, I think I need to re-organize my dresser.  Its pretty messy.”  

He then spent the next fifteen minutes organizing.  I don’t exactly understand his system… but that’s okay!  I’ll leave it alone for now.

Our Jameson is getting bigger and shows us more of his boy personality.

<Jameson’s morning art on our chalk wall>


One thought on “Organizing

  1. Do you think he is going to be as organized as his dad? Tell Jameson I can put him to work organizing things while he is at Nana’s house 🙂

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