Out & About

Fact you may not know about me:  I strongly dislike grocery shopping.

I’m not sure when the negative feeling started, but add a couple toddlers and baby bump to the picture and I’m oh SO happy that Ryan does the majority of the grocery shopping around here.

But- this morning we needed groceries and its just Lucia and I.. so I headed out feeling brave and as prepared as one can be.  So thankful for the friendly grandma working in the deli who gave Lucia a piece of hard salami.  (That piece of salami lasted almost until we reached the check-out line).   Lucia said hello to each and every person we saw -between bites of salami-and once in awhile she’d throw in the extra comment “my jacket is cute”.  She is confident.  I like that.

We’re home.  Lucia is resting and the fridge is full.  We made it!


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