Gettin Ready

Almost a week since I’ve written.. here are a few things I’ve been working on:

-Last week I cleaned both the kiddo rooms inside out.  (I went through their dressers and even washed floors).  We’re talking clean!

– I spent lots of extra time taking care of Lucia who was fighting a fever for a couple days last week/end.  I brought her into the Dr (assuming it was another ear infection), but was told it must be a viral infection.  I believe this was her first fever ever with NO ear infections!  She is doing much better this week.  Less cranky, eating better, and just fighting a bit of cold.

-I ordered Jameson a duvet cover to work with a twin comforter I bought with babysitting money a long time ago and used through Jr/Sr High.  I looked through so many options online and finally found a cover that should be able to grow with him for years!   Can’t wait to show you that in his room.

Today I’m washing laundry and starting to pack.  Wednesday morning starts our vacation!  First we drive a long 18+ hours to drop off two littles at grandparents.  Then Ryan and I fly to Cancun!  We’ve been counting down this trip for months.  Its hard to believe that its almost here and this time next week we should be on a beach.. with no kids (minus baby # 3 bump)!  A mix of emotions to leave Jameson and Lucia but so excited for rest.

We’re getting ready… packing up a storm!


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