Watered Down Coke

Our week in Cancun was divine.  Just divine.  In planning for the trip, I had no idea what to expect.  (This was the first time that we’d left either of the kids for more than a night). For the first day I had a hard time adjusting to vacation mode.  I kept feeling like we had forgotten the kids or I should check on what they were doing.  By day two I started seeing the many perks of having Ryan all to myself all week.  We almost felt like the honeymooners we were in Mexico eight years ago.

Many things have changed since starting our family three and a half years ago.  Ryan said this was the best week we’ve shared together ever.  I agree.  Because the crazy life schedule of raising two little ones (almost three), really makes us appreciate the time to just be together.  Turns out we still like each other a lot!  I want to do a better job of “being” together at home this year.  Giving our relationship time.  Ryan summed it up well by saying as parents you often get the watered down version of your spouse.  You get them, but there are so many other things that take your time and energy that you don’t get the full dose.  Its like drinking a watered down Coke after you’ve had one full strength. Question is- how to be less watered down?

Today we’re home trying to step back into the real world.  I’ve got bags to unpack and little ones excited about playing with new toys from Grandpa & Nana.

Thankful for our getaway.


4 thoughts on “Watered Down Coke

  1. That was great! Josh and I went on a trip to Prague one year… a dream come true for me. We are still talking about it with smiles on our dreamy faces. It was the best trip ever! Especially in the light of the fact that most of our world travel up to that point included 20-50 teenagers. It was amazing to be “just us” again. And turns out- we really like each other too!! Isn’t that the best feeling! I know couples who take separate vacations and I don’t know why. I wouldn’t enjoy myself nearly as much as I do when Josh is with me. That’s just sad to me.

    How to not get watered down? Set boundaries!! Push the kids out and guard your Mommy-Daddy time vigilantly! The kids need to know that they are not the center of the universe… you are! 🙂

  2. I am so glad that you and Ryan had a wonderful time and had the opportunity to “reconnect”. It is a challenge to find time for one another in the midst of raising young children. You just have to plan so that it will happen. I wish that you guys were closer, so that the kids could hang out with Grandpa and Nana and you could have some couple time. Maybe you can find someone there who would keep them one night a month so you two could have some special time.

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