I am….

Cleaning – I busted out Norwex’s cleaning paste (for the first time this week) and love it.  Honestly, I haven’t tried a Norwex product that I wouldn’t recommend yet.  Its good to have the supplies you need.

Organizing/re-organizing–  Yesterday I disassembled a baby banner my sister Anna made for me while we were newly pregnant.  Now it hangs in front of our bedroom window.  A pretty reminder of her and a splash of color in our space.

Planning– I’ve gone through baby bins and made a list of what we’ll need for #3. Just to keep things organized, I made a registry on Amazon and plan to check things off as we purchase in the next weeks.  If you want to see what I came up with, just click here. What do you think?  Ryan’s “honey to do” list is coming along quite nicely too!  Nothing big, but one of the projects I’m SO excited about.  One of those things that I wonder why I haven’t thought of it living here for six years now…

I hope the sun is shining in your living room windows.  I love it!  If you’d like some additional reading today, you should check out my sister’s new blog.  There are few blogs I take the time to read weekly, but I’ll definitely be following Kate.  If you’re interested, check it out here and let her know you stopped bye.

Happy Friday, friends.  Off to brew some coffee.


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