We did a whole lot of reading this weekend.  We read everyday.  Jameson loves being read to.. the same books over and over and over until he can “read” them back to you. Currently his favorites are The House That Jack Built and 101 Dalmatians.

Lucia does not like being read to (she rarely has the patience to listen).  Instead she’ll say: “Are you ready, Mom” and reads to me.  Currently her favorites are Maybe a Bear Ate It and But not the Hippopotamus.

I’m ready, Lucia.

I love that we spend everyday reading books together.  I don’t remember reading a lot of books as a young child.  When I was in elementary school I rarely remember reading books for fun. We did at least one year because we were in a book club and if you read a certain number of books you won a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut.  I don’t remember the reading.  I remember the pizza.

I do little reading today.  The book needs to be short.  The book needs to be easy.  I’m tired and small words on a page put me to sleep.  I would like to read more because I enjoy learning new things and honestly as an adult.. we need to learn.  Don’t we? What would you suggest for a book on my night stand?


3 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Liz I am shocked! Reading is one of the ways I keep sane as a stay at home mom. I find that it is the best way to quickly recharge, and be stimulated, even if I can only do it 5 minutes at a time. What would I recommend? You mentioned something easy, so how about The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. It is set in Botswana, Africa, and it is a fun light read. Or if you can ‘lower’ yourself, read the first Twilight book. I loooooooooved it and read it more than once!

  2. If you want some reading about current events, I would recommend God’s War on Terror by Walid Shoebat, or if you’re more inclined to more spiritual books, anything by John Bevere or his wife Lisa. David and I try to read books together as some form of a devotional. If you’re wanting lighter fare, I like English classics and still love my Anne of Green Gables set. And there’s always Beverly Lewis’ books too.:)

  3. I am so glad that you do spend time reading to and with the children. I think it is really important in helping them become a life long reader. I started reading to the boys when they were still infants and sat them on my lap “reading” the little board books. Even in later years when we were homeschooling I would read out loud to them. One of their favorite night time activities was to read. Many times I would see a little light under their doors and they would be reading in bed.
    I love to read and enjoy reading many different kinds of books. Sometimes I like reading fiction to just relax and other times I read non-fiction. A good book to keep by your bed for short intervals of reading is that book “Amish Peace”. If you want some good books to read just for relaxing, try any of Nicolas Spark’s books. “The Notebook” is one of his books. Happy Reading 🙂

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