New Space

We started another project over the weekend.  (I’ve told you I’m nesting… right?)  It all started with a conversation: how we really need to clean out the closet which turned into me asking “couldn’t we use the space in here better“?  Turns out, we can use the space a lot better! Ryan has been amazing doing all the smelly work and anything that requires tools (which equals the entire project).  And what would we have done without the help of our big guy?  Its hard to say.

  If there is a “project” to be done- Jameson wants in.

I’m excited to show you what we did, but I’m more excited to have all the piles surrounding our bed back into the closet and organized.

Maybe tomorrow?


One thought on “New Space

  1. Looks like you have a good little helper there. Maybe Jameson and his dad could help Nana do some painting next time they come 🙂

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