Happy Day

Slowly but surely things are back as they should be in our room.  Are you ready to see Ryan’s closet/our linen closet?  All we have left is to touch up the trim paint!

You probably can’t appreciate the extra space we gained unless you see an ugly before shot:

When we had our house for sale last spring/summer, a number of buyers gave feedback: they wished our bedrooms had more closet space.  Surprising to us because our bedroom has two closets (and we were keeping Ryan’s closet cleaner at the time!)  Plus -a walk in closet for a home built in 1909?  Unbelievable.  Either way- the new closet setup gives us a whole lot of space:

Ryan’s brilliant idea to move the clothes to the left hand side of the closet made the biggest difference.  These are the projects I love.  Very minimal money spent for the difference it made.  This morning I’m drinking my coffee, looking at that wide open wall… should I put something up?

Its a happy Friday here.  Our room is in order, our fridge is full, and we’re ready for family time.  Thanks for stopping bye.  ‘Till next week.


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