Every Minute

We went to church this weekend.  Since Ryan started working at the Encounter, we haven’t regularly attended church as a family.. being his work takes him to churches most Sunday mornings.  Lucia was anxious to play with “friends” and Jameson wiggled between Ryan and I asking about each element of the service.  (He is very inquisitive).  As we were leaving church Jameson said:

“Mom, I love that new church”.  

“What did you love about the church, Jameson?”  

“I loved it all, mom.”

It was good to be in church.  As we were packing into the van I asked Ryan: “how do we leave the house when we have three?”  (Neither of us know).  Its not that the thought of three children is too much to grasp.  But the thought of three children ages 4 and under is too much to grasp.   

Every minute of each day seems to be filled with the role of referee, cleanup, answering questions, repeating myself, correcting, anticipating falls before they happen..

I’m a mom and I spend my days (every minute) as a mother.  Its not just a part of my life, it involves every part.  Some days it is more than I can grasp or feel capable of handling. These are the days I press on and remind myself what is important today.

Our baby reminds me daily that we’re getting close to its birthday.  The movements are strong and constant.

Waiting in sweet anticipation!


One thought on “Every Minute

  1. I know you and Ryan are both probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering how you will manage, but if the Lord decided to bless with you this new little one, then He will give you the strength, grace, patience and everything you need to be the parents He wants you to be. As I have said and thought so many times; how I wish we were close enough to help out.
    Hey, those have to be pictures from last summer; it’s not that warm up there is it? 🙂

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