Sometimes life is just messy.

We try to do it all or just too much.  We believe if we only had _____ in order, life would be easier.  (Maybe we wouldn’t have the dark circles under our eyes?) Our attitude in life would surely improve..

Maybe we just need to call a mess what it is?

I feel like a mess.  Thirty-three weeks of pregnancy is a mess.  This week I decided- instead of fighting to keep the same cabinet clean for years -maybe its time to clean it deep and cover the doors with some thrifted fabric?  At least I won’t be reminded of the mess.

Each day is an accomplishment.  I’ll enjoy the small things and appreciate the mess and the ones who make it.

Yes, I will.


One thought on “Truthfully

  1. You may feel like a mess, but you definitely don’t look a mess 🙂 You look great in your pregnancy. I don’t know if there is any way that you can prepare yourself and your family for the changes ahead. All you can do is try to be organized (which you most definitely are) and prepare the best you can, then go with it!

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