Embrace the Camera

As of last week Jameson decided he is too old for naps.  Apparently when you’re three you get to decide when naps are a thing of the past?  Either way.. I need a nap more then ever.  Bad timing on nixing the nap, big boy.

For as much as Lucia doesn’t understand that she is about to be a big sister, she suddenly feels the need to be carried.  And when I’m not carrying her, she’ll be climbing: on top of the dining room table, on Dad’s exercise bike, up the stairs…  This weekend (if we had a to-do list started), we’d add to it that Lucia’s crib needs to be converted to a toddler bed.

Everyday brings something new.

Today I’m linking up with Embrace the Camera for the first time!

I recently came across Emily’s blog and loved her intent in starting Embrace the Camera for her kids.. as a way for them to remember life with her.  For as many pictures as I’ve taken, I’m rarely in the shot.

I want my kids to have an abundance of pictures of us (me + them) together.  I could wait for a day when the living room was in better order.. or I had time to spend a few minutes to myself getting ready.  But frankly, our life is only getting more wonderfully messy. Embracing today! 


6 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera

  1. I love the pictures ! Looks like you all were having fun being silly 🙂 It is really a good idea to be sure that you have pictures of the children with you. When I looked at the pictures of Jameson and Lucia that I took in January, there were none of me with them. There were some of Jim with the kids, but I am always the one with the camera taking pictures 🙂

  2. I just found your blog (through a link on Stacy Decker’s site) and have read for about an hour, going back and back to hear your story. Needless to say, I’m hooked and subscribing. I love your honesty, your focus on God, your love of your kiddos . . . thanks for the breath of fresh air this afternoon.

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