Weird or not

Happy Spring!

Lucia and I are enjoying our girls day.  This morning we headed to my favorite store T J Maxx.  There is always something lovely to be discovered there!  I’m learning that as our small family grows through the seasons of life, there will always be something to get someone.

Lucia is quite the social little side-kick.  On a Tuesday morning at 10am everyone got a greeting at T J Maxx.  And when I asked Cia what she thought of any given item, her newest expression: “that’s weird…”   She did attach to the idea of some new bubbles, so they came home with us:

My “nesting” instinct continues.  But how does one continue to nest when energy is at an all-time low?  What a cruel combination.  Really.


2 thoughts on “Weird or not

  1. She looks adorable in that little red coat and hat 🙂 She absolutely loved playing with bubbles when they were here in January! Cheap entertainment 🙂

  2. Isn’t part of the nesting just sitting on your chicks in the nest, so to speak? Using the nest as a place of rest, which is a great part of its purpose? Just thinking out loud. =) Go easy on yourself!

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