My Honey

How was your Friday?  Are you ready for the weekend with every goodness?  Me too!

I spent the morning at Dr appointments.  Baby and I are going in for weekly checks now. Only one month!!  I never could imagine pregnancy could go by this quickly.

I also finally had an appointment with a Naturopathic Medicine Dr here in town to talk about Lucia.  Going into the appointment I had my assumptions that we’d be making some dietary changes for Lucia as a result of her symptoms.  So true.  Starting this weekend we’re trying an elimination diet excluding: sugar, dairy, and gluten.

Its been a year since this post.  While the ear infections have been put mostly to rest (after ear tubes), Lucia struggles with a weak immune system.  She picks up things (mostly respiratory) easily and has a hard time kicking it.  Respiratory sickness is typically tied to dairy.  I knew this- so I mostly eliminated dairy from her diet last year. Now we’ll be stricter: eliminating yogurt and cheese.

After all the antibiotics last spring, Lucia also had a significant/nasty change in her dirty diapers.  I’ll spare you the details- but most people would probably guess her tummy was upset.  I’ve mentioned it to our regular pediatrician a few times who attributes it to the repeated antibiotics.  Which is true.. antibiotics affect dirty diapers.

But its been nearly a year.

Her tummy still keeps her up some nights.

I normally don’t talk a lot about things related to health, dirty diapers, diet, etc.. but I’m motivated to help figure this out.  Desperate may be a better word then motivated.  The new diet gets a little tricky at snack time and especially if I want to give her a little treat. Does anyone have experience in this department?  Any ideas that will keep her happy?

The good news…

Only one week and we’ll celebrate our little honey on her second birthday!  And keeping up with our cake tradition, Lucia has agreed with Jameson’s suggestion of a pooh cake.

{picture used for party invites}


3 thoughts on “My Honey

  1. I hope the changes in her diet help. It will be hard to eliminate those 3 things, as they are in so many things. Matt can definitely see eliminating gluten helped him. I think his chief complaint when he was eating gluten was the digestive upsets. There are at least some options out there now. Why do they suggest eliminating yogurt? It has the “good” bacteria. Poor Lucia, I hate that she has to go through this. I remember the first night you guys were gone , she was up crying that night and had some really bad gas. She kept crying “my daddy.” I felt so bad for her. Hopefully, you will see improvements. Have you tried giving her some kind of immune complex? I will have to try and research and see what kind of treats would be good options.

  2. You can find gluten free snacks at the health section in Super One. Also, my boys love raisins for a snack with pretzels (and they do have gluten free ones at Cub I believe). Also, I don’t know if Lucia can have this, but Lactaid milk is delicious and of course, it doesn’t have lactose in it :)Good luck!

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