Wonderfully Overwhelmed

Easter weekend:

Good Friday I went in for my weekly checkup.  As I was explaining to my Dr. how the baby recently has started getting into fits where it moves like crazy the baby decided to give a demonstration.  At the time she was looking for the heartbeat and got a little nervous at the rate our little one was going.  Just to be sure the crazy heartbeat was only due to how active the baby was being..  I spent the next hour over looking Lake Superior- listening to the movements of baby over the monitor. Could the view be any more relaxing?  I may have fallen asleep just for a bit..

A nurse assisting with the non-stress test kindly woke me and asked if this was my first pregnancy.  When I told her it was our third (and the ages of Jameson and Lucia),  she laughed and said with a smile “my.. the next year is not gonna be fun.”

I didn’t ask for her opinion.

I’ve been getting more remarks lately or just a raised eyebrow.   Sometimes I can feel empathy in remarks from others who have raised young children close in age.  But other times, it just feels rude..  like the nurse who apparently doesn’t envy the road I’m on.

Yes- I know how one gets pregnant and we believe in birth control.  But sometimes… sometimes birth control doesn’t work.  Do we call this baby a mistake?  Never.  Are we overwhelmed?  Yes, wonderfully overwhelmed.

If I allow myself to freak out and think of life (our current life) with an infant, I can think of many questions on how this will work.  But in the end, it will work.  (Many other people have children even closer together in age then our own!)   I’m learning it comes down to trust.  We don’t have control.  Things happen that completely alter the path of life.  They are unexpected and yet are beautiful.  I don’t want to just say that I trust God enough-  I want to really trust God enough.

I will be honest about the struggles & joys of being a mother to young ones who are utterly dependent.  Because its real and to me the real is so much richer then the fluff.

Praise God for life.  For planning for our first and second spring baby, and for today… anxious to see our surprise third spring baby.

Yes, I’m wonderfully overwhelmed.


7 thoughts on “Wonderfully Overwhelmed

  1. I had fo 4 under 5 and lived to tell the story. It was hard work, but it was rewarding and fulfilling. Your mom survived also. People need to be considerate.

  2. That nurse is wrong. The upcoming year for you will be demanding and overwhelming, but it will also be filled with joy and laughter, discovering strength you didn’t know you had, being creative in how you juggle 3 young kids, and believe me, a huge sense of accomplishment. Not to mention becoming even closer to your husband our of necessity. I guess those good things outweigh the demanding and overwhelming part to me. I’ve had my share of those same comments, but I figure there are lots of people in the world who don’t know what’s really important in life.

  3. I echo the other comments posted here, especially the one about finding strength you didn’t know you had. Your mental/emotional approach to this adventure is what will get you through. Know that it won’t last. Before too long, your youngest will be going off to kindergarten with his/her siblings. (Sawyer is excited to start next year when Quinn will be in first grade and Paris in third.) Don’t mind comments from people who haven’t walked in your shoes. Just forgive them. 🙂

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how people make a personal decision such as having children, how many and how close, etc. their business. It really is none of their business. Don’t pay any attention to the comments of other people. Hey, I got them for the opposite reason! People were always asking Jim and me, “hey, when are you guys going to have kids?” Then, after we had Ryan, people wanted to know when we were having another one! I had people tell me, “oh, you’ll be sorry you didn’t have them close, and waited longer for the second.” So you can’t win 🙂 You guys will have a challenging year, no doubt, but it will be a joyous time filled with wonderful memories. As I have said numerous times, just wish you guys lived closer,so Nana and Grandpa could help out 🙂 Remember too, that the Lord is in control of this “surprise.” He will give you the strength, grace, patience, wisdom, and all that you need to mother these little ones.

  5. Seriously. I had two little ones and twins on the way. The comments people felt free to give me drove me nuts. I don’t think they meant to be annoying, but they were. Hang in there!

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