Blue or Pink?

This morning I held a newborn!  He is one day old, has a little bit of dark hair, is perfectly filled out, and goes by “Carter”.  One of my good friends Marissa & I shared our second pregnancy together (this time only weeks apart).  It was special to visit this morning.  She is a rock-star.

I’m feeling ready.  Ready to NOT be pregnant.  So, in the baby mode: I thought it was time to let you weigh in on predictions for baby Underwood.  Here are a couple details to help… 

We’re scheduled for a c section April 25th (but obviously if the baby keeps up its fits, things could progress earlier).  Official due date is April 28th.  We do not know the sex. We have names picked out (either way), which have only been shared with a select number of people that have sworn to secrecy (note: your oath does apply here).

I’d love to hear your guesses on: birthdate, sex, and name

I think I’m a tricky one.  Yes or no?

<above: 40 weeks pregnant with Jameson> <39 weeks pregnant with Lucia> what is wrong with my hair??  gracious.

<38 weeks pregnant with our surprise>

Happy Friday, friends!


One thought on “Blue or Pink?

  1. You are such a CUTE pregnant woman! I hope I look that adorable at 38-40 weeks!
    And I’ll go ahead and guess that it will be a girl named . . . Penelope?

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