Embrace the Camera

Thank you to everyone for your comments to this post.  I appreciate friends who are willing to share personal experience & encouragement.  A blessing- in real life and in the blog world.

This morning I remembered its “embrace the camera” day.  I love posting pictures, but the challenge to be IN a picture… well- I’m pregnant and hurting, friends.  My Dr. asked me at my appointment today how I’m feeling.  I told her “I feel like I’m 39 weeks pregnant.”  That sums it up.

Regardless, today was girls day and Lucia has no idea what is coming next week!!  Her mama will be in the hospital having a baby and then we’ll be bringing it home to stay.  So- we’re embracing today the best we can.  Tired, sore, and happy together.

<I’m holding Lucia’s hand because she likes to pick her nose.  Just like this….>
I love her just the same.


One thought on “Embrace the Camera

  1. Cute little nose picker! 39 weeks! Almost! You can do it! Just said a prayer for a safe, healthy, fast delivery. Blessings to you and your growing family!

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