Our First Week

We’re home!  We’re a family of five and life is sweet with our newest peanut.

Last Wednesday Ryan & I checked in early for baby day.  What a different experience to prep and then walk into an operating room, lie down, and have surgery.  There were no contractions, hours didn’t pass, and I didn’t have to push.  Not even once.   Ahead of time I was worried that I might panic during those last minutes.  But I didn’t.  As scary as it could have been, everything went smoothly.. and I was ready.  Ahead of time my Dr. asked Ryan to announce the sex of our baby when she pulled it out.   I focused on that- and moments later Ryan was announcing: “its a girl!”   We had a girl.

Colette is sweet.  Her skin is soft as velvet.  Her hair is dark and silky.  She smells like a newborn and makes those perfect contented grunts and squeaks.  She is nursing like a champ and sleeping during the night <a little>.

We are in love with this surprise.. Colette Avery.

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