Please pass the patience..

6:53 a.m today and everyone was in Dad & Mom’s bed.

We’re ending our first week as the five of us.  It was wonderful to have family to meet Colette and help during our first days home from the hospital.. but there is also something I craved about just being “us” again.  I was ready to be with the bigger kids  and work towards finding our new rhythm.

Lucia has had the hardest time with the change so far.  She doesn’t like the attention being divided or having to wait her turn.  Often when I’m nursing Colette I’ll tell her “in just a minute..”   The past couple days she’ll respond by saying “no, don’t say ‘just a minute’ mom”.  Sometimes that is preceded by having a toy thrown at me or being hit.

I too am finding I daily need to practice patience in a way I haven’t before (and lack of sleep doesn’t help the cause).  I’m two weeks post c-section and improving.  It feels like a slow improvement day to day.  Still- when I think back to how my body felt the first days.. it feels like a huge improvement.  I need to be patient.

I’m feeling so needed and aware of how I need to grow.

This is the hardest job I’ve ever done and completely worth it.


3 thoughts on “Please pass the patience..

  1. You can do it Liz! Not only does each day get easier, the moments get better and better too. And its easier to see Gods grace’s too. I see him in 15 minutes of extra sleep, in good play time between the boys, good news at the docter, and even a smile from my little girl. Each day gets easier dear friend.

  2. I may have mentioned this to you before, but a very wise pediatrician(who had 7 of his own kids) once advised me to put together a special basket or toys/books/activities/whatever that the other kids can play with only when you are nursing. It worked well for us in distracting the kids long enough that I could nurse without getting things thrown at me. Yes, that happened to me too! Ari once threw a full sippy of milk that hit me in the face. But the basket really was a good distraction for him and for Skye. Maybe it would help for Lucia as well.

  3. We all could use more patience; that’s for sure. I thought Lucia would have the biggest adjustment to make with the new baby. She is used to being the princess around the house. Jameson has already had to make the adjustment, so this time was a little easier for him. Luica will have to learn some patience, too. Life lesson early: we can’t always have what we want right when we want it 🙂

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