Both our “big kids” were up in the six o’clock hour again today.  Its hard to wake up with the sun when I’m up throughout the night.  Its not a fun combo.  I don’t look fun.

Little Colette is my best nurser of our three!  She nurses every 2-3 hours throughout the day.  Once seven or eight p.m. rolls around nursing is all she thinks about.  And…she is a determined one.  If she isn’t appeased she’ll scream and attempt nursing on my shirt, on daddy’s arm, wherever.  She makes herself clear.  At her two week check-up (friday) our pediatrician said her cries would suggest she’ll be a verbal little girl.  (I know about verbal little girls!)  I picture Lucia & Colette playing as sisters.  That makes me smile.

A few of my favorite pictures from Mother’s Day:

My thoughts have been cluttered this past week.  This huge anticipated change of becoming a family of 5 has happened.  Yet, we are still ourselves.  In the midst of this exciting time, we still bring the same weaknesses (only they’re magnified).  We’re stretched to a new limit and things like having patience & living selflessly don’t rise to the surface naturally.  Do they?

I’ve been following a blog recently that is refreshing!  I don’t follow many blogs (for a lack of time), but often (in the blog world) things just seem too cute.  The kids are coordinated and smiling for pictures, the house is in perfect order, the mama is making beautiful crafts/delicious meals, and the Mr… the Mr is surprising her with getaway weekends. You get the picture.  Too cute…

I so appreciate the mama’s who are willing to talk in a real way about the different seasons of parenting and how this is the best and the hardest.  On top of that, there is marriage and the fight to not just “survive” this time, but to be stronger and even better for this time.  I’m right in the middle of the challenge.  Wanting to succeed, and more aware then ever that this isn’t about me. I’ll never find the perfect balance because I don’t know what I’m doing.

I shouldn’t be asking God to bless what I’m doing- I should ask Him what I’m doing.

Then I could would succeed.


One thought on “Mama

  1. I can only imagine how busy and challenging your days and nights are. Remember that the Lord will give you strength and all that you need to be the wife and mother He wants you to be. I just wish (for the millionth time) I could be close enough to help you out and give you a break now and then.

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