Over Coffee

If you were here for coffee with me this morning, Lucia would ask you “do you know what ?” every couple minutes.  And if you didn’t respond, she’d just keeping asking.  So, you’d respond.

Did I tell you our house is for sale?  You may remember we had it listed last year.  After showing it for a few months (with no offers) we stayed put for the winter.  Just because we like having enough to do, we listed with a realtor a couple weeks before Colette was born!  So- we’re a month in, we’ve had a dozen showings, and we’re waiting.   Another showing this morning, so I have the challenge of getting me and three kiddos out the door while trying to keep the house clean.  Thats a challenge.

When we get home (after the showing) my college roomie is here for the weekend! Its been a year since our last visit.  It was a week later that I took a pregnancy test, and another, and another… and called Holly.  She is that best friend I can share anything with. She can handle it.  And she’s a little crazy too.  I like crazy.  So does my son:

Happy Friday, friends!


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