The Robin

Recently we’ve had quite a few robins hanging out on our back deck.  They don’t seem threatened by us (surprisingly).

While we were playing outside yesterday one of the robins flew into our large kitchen window.  It fell with a thump to our deck below.  Dead.

Interesting to see how my two older kids responded to the event:

Jameson wanted to make sure it was dead.  Once we confirmed it was, he wanted me to “take care of it”.  Minutes later he was back on his bike, never to give a second thought to the robin.

Lucia was distraught.  She wanted to kiss the robin.  She wanted to be with the robin. Her eyes were so expressive as she kept asking “what happened to the robin?”  Hours later she was still asking.  And at bedtime my two-year-old cried about the dead robin.

I was hoping today would be a new day and maybe (just maybe) the robin would be forgotten.  Half an hour after breakfast she asked “where did the robin go, mom?”

We’re stuck.


One thought on “The Robin

  1. I guess death is something that two year olds are not yet ready to comprehend. It’s good to know that our little Lucia has a tender heart, though. To prevent future incidents with the birds, you can buy bird stickers to put on the glass and it will keep them from flying into the window. We have them on our sunroom windows because the birds kept flying into them.

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