one month old

 Colette is one month old.  Look at this face.  Call me biased (which of course I am), but goodness!  She is a doll.

Its been an exhausting (hardly can get out of bed exhausting) week.  I’ve done a little reading about colic because Colette has been having nightly spells crying.  Usually it starts between 9-10 p.m. and is unconsolable.   For hours.  Nursing distracts her briefly, but thats quickly over and we’re back where we started.  Whether or not its colic, it probably is just a spell.  A spell I’m eager to leave.   ‘Till then I’m trying to hold things together.  I’m also eating everything in sight.   Does anyone have some great food or snack ideas for getting the extra calories while nursing?

I lost track of how many almond scones I had this morning..


7 thoughts on “one month old

  1. Eat foods that are higher in fat, like avocados, nuts, dairy because they keep you full longer. Also, think about taking Colette to a chiropractor. That has worked wonders on my kids. It’s a very gentle treatment they do, and it completely got rid of waking fussing at night for Silas.

  2. Almonds were what I loved. Try to stay away from dairy. I drank Almond milk while nursing Malachi, and his colic behavior and gassy times subsided (his seemed real bad). Sometimes dairy doesn’t agree with the babies when it is in the breast milk; something about the proteins. STAY AWAY from chocolate. One night I had chocolate lovers ice cream and Malachi was a wreck of gas and discomfort. Every time I had it he was fussy. Maybe she needs more burping? Then when Colette is a bit older, after 6 months, you could try milk/Dairy again. That is what I did, and Malachi was fine after that point. I heard chiropractors are a good option too, as well as baby massage.
    Good luck.

  3. hey liz! she is so beautiful! i just wanna hold her and squeeze her. i (clearly) don’t have any mommy advice.. i just wanted to comment on the cuteness 🙂

  4. I wish I need something you could do for the colic, but I don’t. Do be sure that you are eating enough while you are nursing. I know you aren’t a big eater, but you need the calories. Protein shakes are really good. I make mine with almond milk, yogurt and frozen fruit. I will bring you a sample of my protein mix if you like when I come. I hope the colic is short lived.

  5. I have been watching a friends baby for the pat couple months. He has acid reflux… One thing that helps him is Gripe Water… It is all natural. It has helped him out a bunch. I guess it is used for babies that have colic, gas, and reflux. I would suggest that you give it a try.

  6. Sorry to hear things have been rough. I hope you have quiet, restful days ahead. As for the crying spells, I second gripe water. Or Hyland’s colic calm (or something like that. they are tablets). Penny was the same way and it was awful for all of us. Hers turned out to be a dairy sensitivity. I had to observe dairy like the plague if we wanted a happy, comfortable baby. Something to think about anyway. For snacks I loved almonds, anything with peanut butter, avocado, protein shakes, beef jerky, tuna on crackers, lots of fruits and veggies. I pretty much ate 24/7. Still do yet Penny has been nursing for 5 months….

  7. I want to second the comment Tessa made for the chiroporactor. Fern was the first baby I ever brought to the Chiropracter, and I WISH I’d heard of it for my other two. We only had to visit the chiropractor 2 times, and Fern was much better. I’ve heard from my other friends that it even helped with acid reflux and colic. Happy birthday to Jameson!!

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