Its Busy..

Thanks for your comments after my last post.  I love hearing new ideas, tips on anything, encouragement, just knowing someone is out there.  Thanks for being out there!

Truth is..  It was an emotionally & physically exhausting weekend here.  We have a circle of friends going through something heart breaking right now.  It has layers of pain/confusion.  We can say “I’m here for you.”  We can pray the pain isn’t so deep.  But, it still hurts.  A lot.

On the opposite end of that-  we celebrated a special birthday yesterday.  My boy is:

He’s FOUR!  This next weekend we’re getting ready for a party with friends from Jameson’s preschool & grandpa and nana coming all the way from Tennessee!  But last night we celebrated just the five of us with: take out chinese, a treat, and movie night in dad & mom’s bed.  It was a success.

This week we’re also celebrating the birthdays of a few of the other most important guys in my life.  Jameson, my brother-in-law (Matt), Ryan, and my Dad.  All in a week.  So, if I’m not around.. its because I’ve got a few things cookin.


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