Would you rather..

First off -were you able to watch the video I posted Friday?  (I heard it was originally marked as private.)  So sorry.  Technical difficulty corrected.

We’ve partied a lot lately.  I’m an introvert- so the constant busy makes me tired.  (If you’re an introvert.. you know what I mean).  Don’t get me wrong- I’ve loved the extra company & celebrations, but its time for me to recharge.  My battery is dying.

People are still meeting Colette for the first time this month.  Its interesting to see how peoples response and questions are different with each baby.  The response to baby 3?  “well, you’re gonna be busy”.  Our family has grown by three kiddos in the past four years.  Being busy almost goes without saying!  The question this time: “so now that you’ve had both- would you rather have a regular birth or c section?”  Which would I rather have? I’ve decided there is no good way to get a baby out.

Tomorrow I’ll be six weeks post surgery.  My c section was smooth and I’ve had no post surgery complications.  Each week the level of healing is different.  The first days in the hospital I was uncomfortable as the stronger drugs wore off and we tried to figure out the best pain management.  The first days home I was uncomfortable as I tried to navigate new territory (without moving my core).  Now I’m still uncomfortable every time I need to get on “regular” pants (you know.. the ones you wear in public).  Low rise pants fall a couple inches above my incision.  Better there then on my incision, but the skin above is completely numb and sore.  You don’t want to button something tightly on top of it.  (I’m hoping by week seven my wardrobe options expand).

Until then- I’ll be working on recharging.  For as exhausted and uncomfortable as this body is… the joy of celebrating Jameson’s 4th birthday, of looking into my spunky Lucia’s big brown eyes, and seeing Colette’s first smiles…

I’d rather have today.  Every minute of our busy day.


2 thoughts on “Would you rather..

  1. I hear you on the introvert part–I’ve been wondering this week why I’ve felt so out of sorts, and I think you just enlightened me. I AM an introvert–and we’ve had an awful lot of people stuff going on. I need to recharge . . . unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be space for that until next week. =(

  2. After both my c-sections the area above the incision was numb. I didn’t know this until recently that if you massage/pinch/roll the numb area faithfully after the c-section (the earlier you start the better) you are more likely to regain the feeling in that area. Even though I didn’t know that, I had done it anyway because it felt funny and I kept wanting to test if it was getting better, and I’m just odd like that and see how hard I could pinch myself before I felt anything… yeah, I know, I’m weird. But anyway, now I have pretty much 95% of the feeling back in that area and only feels weird if I push on it in certain ways, and it’s not really a numb feeling, just tingly. Anyway, thought you might want to know that. No one had ever told me and I wished someone had 🙂

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