Ham it up

Mr Underwood does most of the grocery shopping around here.

Usually this means there are a few extras (things that weren’t on the list) that come home.  Like soda, frozen pizza, chips…. or a five pound ham.

I’m all about buying things on sale.  I’m even more about ham.  But five pounds of ham?   I’ve been on a hunt of new ways to finish up the last of it.  Did you know ham quesadillas are addicting?  They are.

On a baking sheet (dividing evenly) top 4-8 inch tortillas with 2 cups grated pepper jack cheese, 1 cup ham, 1 sliced small bell pepper.  Fold in half.  Brush with oil and broil until the cheese is melted and tortillas are crisp.  Serve with sour cream & salsa (and some black beans here at the Underwoods).

Happy cooking.


3 thoughts on “Ham it up

  1. This sounds good! I intentionally bought a big ham (about 12 pounds I think) a few weeks ago, took it home and cut it up. I got a mixture of nice flat slices, some pieces good for dicing and some little extra bits, plus the bone. I divvied it up in little plastic baggies, labeled and dated them and stuck them in the freezer. Now I have various “types” of ham I can use for soups, lentils, omelets, etc. Oh, and by the way, try some Gruyere with your ham – super, duper melty goodness!

  2. Hee hee–that’s a lot of ham!
    I always use big chunks of ham to make Split Pea Soup (if you’re interested, the recipe is on my blog). It’s really hearty and lasts forever.

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