I love you anyways

Have you ever read the book Olivia?   When Olivia gets dressed, she has to try on everything.  When Olivia builds a sand castle, she builds it nearly to the sky.   When its nap time Olivia (of course) is not a bit sleepy.  At the end of the day, Olivia’s mother says to Olivia you know… you really wear me out.  But I love you anyway.”

Last night I told Ryan I feel like Lucia is taking more then her share of the attention around here.  She is fierce.  She is bossy.  She is climbing & falling.  Last week she took her first sidewalk fall of the summer.  Two days later she was climbing on her bed and earned her second bandage.  She is so verbal.  At night she lays awake in her bed (sometimes for hours) talking about her day.  Then whining for mama, her paci, water, for cuddling…

Lucia Mae.. I want to know how to be your mama better.  I want to teach you to choose sweet words, to use your fierce personality to do amazing things, to listen to others instead of always commanding attention.

you know… you really wear me out.  But I love you anyway.”


2 thoughts on “I love you anyways

  1. She sounds like my Elin. Since Lincoln has been born ….sharing attention has been hard for her. I want to be a better mama also.

  2. I guess Lucia is being more needy and demanding as she adjusts to sharing you with Colette. Don’t forget, she is also going through the “terrible twos”. Hopefully, she will adjust and become less demanding. She is a cutie 🙂

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