when daddy is gone

Have you seen the news reports on Duluth?  We had a flood this week.  Literally.  The kids and I woke early Wednesday morning to a dark house (which is sometimes normal given how early my kids wake up)!  Only on Wednesday- we never saw the sun.  The thunder, lightening, and the volume of rain was incredible.  So incredible that we had trouble sleeping.. but we were safe!  Many others were less fortunate.  Basements flooded, cars were ruined, roads washed away.  The biggest concern to my little ones? We had to stay inside for the whole entire day.

Ryan was away (for work) during the flood.  This is the first trip I’ve been left running solo since Colette was born.  Conclusion: three is a lot more work then two.  It seems every time Ryan is away something eventful happens…a FLOOD?  I felt “on” every moment of every day.  Now daddy is home and I want to go in a room all by my lonesome.

Jameson, Colette & I went to my youngest sisters birthday party tonight.  After hours of fun, we pulled into our driveway and I told Jameson it was time to go in.  He replied, “mom, I think I’m too tired to walk in tonight”.  

I know what he means.


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