for the love of sleep

Are you a hard sleeper?  I used to be a fairly hard sleeper.  Then I became a mom.  I’ve started wondering when its realistic to think I could sleep the whole night again.  Maybe by the time my youngest is six?

It wasn’t until we had kids that I realized just how hard Ryan sleeps.  Its not normal.  So when babies cry.. I’m the responder.  Its been hard having a two-year-old that doesn’t sleep the night, an infant, and a husband who is out!  Ryan does many other things to work hard for our family.  But responding in the night isn’t one of the things he does. Given how he wakes up, even if he did respond… well, I’d be afraid of how he’d respond. Would he try nursing Colette to console her or tuck her into his laptop bag instead of her bed?

Every night before I go to bed I check on the older two kids.  This past week I’ve found Lucia in various positions hanging off her bed:

Do you think a twin size bed would help her?  Maybe she’d still fall asleep anywhere.

I moved Colette into Jameson’s room this weekend.  Up until this point she was sleeping in a bassinet in Ryan’s closet.  That worked out well, but our munchkin is getting chunky which means the bassinet days are numbered!  (Oh, how I love the chunk)  Two nights in and I’m happy to say the setup is working well.  Jameson is a hard sleeper and Colette only gets up once.  The combo works.

So, thats the full story of sleep around here.  Goodnight, friends.


One thought on “for the love of sleep

  1. I think when you become a mom you definitely become more a of a light sleeper. You are always listening for sounds of the children waking. It does get better as they reach school age, but once they become teenagers, you aren’t sleeping well until they are home from wherever and in the house safe and sound. Ryan is a definitely a sound sleeper. I am not sure where he got that, because I am a really slight sleeper, and Jim is not a hard sleeper. Hopefully, Lucia will soon sleep through the night and Colette also.

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