I always said I’d never be a minivan mom.  I am.  We bought our van two years ago (the month after Lucia was born).  For me- it (owning a minivan at 27) wasn’t as hard to swallow as I anticipated.  Maybe because it was a nice van?  For Ryan- it was much harder then anticipated.

I didn’t tell you, but since the flood Ryan’s trusty Accord hasn’t been used.  It saw quite a bit of water, and we’re uncertain what the (new) issue is.. So it stays parked in our garage currently.  Not until you’re down to one vehicle as a family do you realize how spoiled we were to have had two.  Spoiled I say.  So,  I’m home most days without the van. Thursdays has been our designated errand/appointment day so we drop Jameson off at preschool, dad at work, and the girls & I take off in the minivan.

I need to be brave on Thursday.  Errands with my two-year-old are miserable a challenge. I need a strategy. I need short lines.  Not until you bring a verbal/emotional two-year-old along on your errand morning do you realize how spoiled you were the years of strolling down the aisles at Target just soaking in the beauty.

Beauty in my life is found in completely different areas then ever before.  I’m driving a minivan (full of carseats) & almost running through Target to get out before Lucia has a meltdown.  And then we’re home, turning on the sprinkler, pulling out the popsicles… and I realize I’m still spoiled.. only in completely different ways. The change is good.



2 thoughts on “realizations

  1. Amen to all of that. My two year old is my wildcard these days too. He’s a sprinter and a climber. He makes me nervous. I don’t like taking him outside of four walls these days, for fear he’ll get lost or seriously injured. Anytime we go anywhere, I strap him into the vehicle before I even open the garage door so that he can run away. He loves to disobey and doesn’t have any self-preservation skills yet. So yes, when I find myself having to run errands with the kids, you will see me racing down the aisles trying grab everything on my list and bolt for the checkout. When I get to run errands with just my oldest however, it’s like I can taste some of the independance I used to have.

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