on my toes

Half way.  Four days down.

I’m running solo this week.  Every time Ryan is gone for work I’m reminded of just how much it means to have him here.  He helps at home!  He cooks (better then I do), he lets me leave the house (alone), he completes the “honey to do” lists, he plays rough with our kids.  He’s great.  Some days I take for granted that I get to live with my best friend.

To keep up with the track record.. something eventful had to happen while daddy was gone.  The morning he left Lucia was up ’til 2 a.m with the start of a cold that has transpired into a cough & double ear infection.  (And she’s sharing!)  As of yesterday the girls are doing better but last night Jameson was coughing.  I can feel my entire body tense up as germs spread.

We’re half way.  I’m on my toes.

(second pair of Nike’s this summer. Jameson went from a 10 to 11.5 since April!)



One thought on “on my toes

  1. Sorry to hear that both girls have colds 😦 Hopefully, you and Jameson can stay well. I can’t believe how the boy is growing! He is going to have big feet like his dad!

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