Tonight as I sat nursing Colette in the living room rocker (watching the older two kids fly airplanes), I started to panic…. where had I left Colette??

(Its time for Ryan to come home).

Speaking of Colette.. I finished a mobile for her the other day.  In my last weeks of pregnancy I found quite a few I liked on Etsy: hanging numbers, yarn balls, pom poms, and then… pinwheels!  So- it took me four months to execute my own.  (Check out my first mobile here).  I love crafty projects that are short and easy.  This one took about an hour and cost $4.27.  A total win.  Colette actually enjoys it.  So cute to hear her “talk” to her mobile above.

All three of my kids are accounted for (in their beds).  Goodnight.


One thought on “pinwheels

  1. Oh! I love this, Liz. I was just thinking last week that I would attempt to make a homemade mobile for Baby Spickel, and you’ve totally inspired me with yours. 🙂 Thanks for posting this. It is so cool!

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