I’ve got quite a few things running through my head these days.  Things I should probably let sit.  Let ’em process.. until they make sense (at least to me).

I’m being forced to make fall plans (already!)  Taking inventory of what clothes the kids need, sending in paperwork for Jameson’s preschool, thinking about what our schedule will look like in the season ahead.  Jameson, Lucia, and Colette are in such different stages right now.  Each with such different temperaments & needs from me.  I’m outnumbered around here.

I watched No Impact Man last week.  Have you?  If you know me (or have been reading along for any length of time) you know I’ve made gradual changes towards our family eating better and living “greener”.  This movie is radical.  By seeing a visual picture of what no impact looks like you really are forced to see how much impact you’re making.  I watched the movie while Ryan was away for work (he was so disappointed to miss the 93 minutes of sheer delight with me.. well, not quite).  Just this week I’ve brought him a few ideas (4) of ways we could reduce-reuse-recycle more as a family.  It feels like the perfect time to cut back.  Are any of you as energized as I am at the thought of composting?



2 thoughts on “outnumbered

  1. I really liked ‘no impact man’. My favorite take-away was switching to using cloth napkins. We still use paper when we have guests over, but E and I use cloth napkins otherwise. We had some navy blue ones from our wedding registry that I hardly ever used, so it’s kind of fun to put them to use. We just wash them on the weekend, and yeah–saves on all that paper from paper napkins.
    We haven’t given up paper towel yet, but we try to get the kind that have mini-sheets, so we only use a little sheet when absolutely necessary. (E said there are some red foods,beverages that we just didn’t want to stain our washcloths with–if you know what I mean.) Anyways–glad you liked the documentary too! 🙂 Doesn’t it make you want to go to a farmer’s market every day? 🙂

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