little rascal

It happened.  After three pregnancies my feet grew.  Adios size 8.. feels a bit strange splitting after sixteen years together.  One of the many things people didn’t tell me before having kids: even if your body returns to its pre-baby size clothing… things won’t fit the way they use to.  There is a shifting that takes place.  You’re just not the same.  In many ways.

So.. back to shoes.  Here is my new favorite pair.  Like em?

I really wish I could have Super Nanny pay a visit to Lucia this next week.  I haven’t watched the show in quite some time, but I remember she would walk into home situations that were overwhelming (quite hopeless it seemed).  The children were rascals.

Yesterday the girls and I ran to the post office to mail a package.  The lady helping us (probably a grandma herself) was so sweet to Lucia, telling her what a cute outfit she had. To which Lucia responded: “don’t talk to me.  I’m a little bit sassy today.”  Yes- I probably taught her the word sassy.  She is.  All twenty-five pounds of my two-year old girl.  Sassy.

Sometimes the sass is funny and Ryan and I can’t help but laugh at what she comes up with.  Most other times its exhausting with a whole lot of talking back.  Right now bedtime is our huge fight.  Lucia is a bad sleeper- always has been.  She usually only naps for an hour (hour and a half if its a good day).  So, not long after dinner the emotions start to run wild.  We do showers, vitamins, a story and tuck the older two in for the night.  For the next hours we tuck Lucia in again. and again. and again..  She unloads her dresser, kicks the walls, jumps off the radiator in her room, screams, cries, talks to herself, and then gets out of her room to wake up Jameson and/or Colette.   We’ve tried correcting her, spanking her, letting her stay up later.. nothing seems to be the ticket.

Last night I did what I’m pretty sure Super Nanny recommends.  I posted outside Lucia’s door.  She could do what she wanted in her room, but if she tried opening the door I would walk in her room, pick her up, lay her back in bed, and leave (without correcting or even making a facial expression).  The first time it made her mad.  I did it eight times.  Then she fell asleep.

I know part of the challenges we’re having right now with Lucia are due to the arrival of baby sister and the fact that Lucia is often sick.. but we need change.  She isn’t happy and we’re not happy that she doesn’t listen.   I think it would help if she had something (of her own) to connect with right now.  Her older brother is so good at independent play and is able to help/interact with Colette responsibly.  He also has always had a better attention span then Lucia.

Any ideas?  I asked Ryan last night if we should get her a kitten.  There is one that roams our neighborhood some and Lucia is quite obsessed with it.  Maybe that would be the ticket..

The only problem is: I don’t like cats.


6 thoughts on “little rascal

  1. Ahhhh! You described our little Jude to a “T”. His latest stealthy maneuver was unloading his dresser and throwing every single article of clothing he has out of his window (after figuring out how to open his windows and pushing through the screens, of course). His windows are now secured and opening them is no longer a possibility for him.

    He has also become anti-bedtime (and we have also tried everything in the book). We just ended up putting one of those little spinny door knob child safety things on his knob so he can’t open his door. He usually still messes around for a little while, but falls asleep significantly earlier than when he was opening his bedroom door 100 times after bedtime (albeit sometimes he falls asleep in a random place on his floor). Not sure if it takes care of the problem in the long run, but I have hopes that he will outgrow it!

    Good luck! 😉 Let me know if you come up with anything that works for you!

  2. I don’t have many answers, but what you did with Lucia last night was great. I would work on the consistency of your responses. It seemed like Hailey was on the track to becoming pretty horrible herself, but we kept working with her and I can honestly say that 6 months later she’s doing SO much better. I was exhausted at the end of every day with her for a long time. Lucia is still young; just keep being consistent with strong boundaries and know that this year, by the end of the year, she will be so much better and it will be worth it. Keep encouraging yourself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of two. New babies for the “old baby” of the family is hard. Now that Hailey has adjusted and Anne is bigger, it’s a LOT better. When Collette gets bigger and can play with Lucia, it will be better and they’ll be good friends!

  3. Have you tried magnesium? I know you said vitamins, but magnesium is super for kids like Lucia (and Brooks). There is a magnesium fizzy drink that tastes good and calms little kids down.
    Hang in there. And…we’d love to take her for the day so you can have some quiet time. Email me!

  4. Liz, I started taking a class on Love and Logic, partly for work, mostly for my future kids. The basis, as much as I know so far, its teaching your kids through empathy that youre not the bad guy, their bad behavior is. It uses consequences that make sense. Anyways, they have a website and also our instructor was Katie Solem and she has a website as well. I dont know if you have heard of this yet or not but I knew that I wanted to let you know about this as I was learning. Good Luck!

  5. Melatonin is our friend this week. Katie (5 1/2) gets so worked up at bedtime that she absolutely cannot settle herself down. We’ve found that just a tiny amount (0.5 mg) in a bit of applesauce about 20 min before bed takes the edge off and helps her relax and calm down. One of my friends (who’s totally anti meds, but totally natural remedies has used it with both her kiddos.
    Oh and you and Ryan should take turns being the “mean mommy/daddy” that way she knows you’re a team!

  6. I like the shoes:) Yep, our bodies do change after having babies and not quite the same. One of the most disheartening things to me was that after having babies and nursing them, my breasts decreased in size (and they weren’t big to begin with).

    As for the situation with Lucia, I wish I knew what to tell you. Have you tried the melatonin yet? I had mentioned that to Ryan. One of the girls in my exercise class has a 3 year old who doesn’t sleep well. They started giving him 1 milligram of melatonin mashed up in some applesauce about 30 min. before bed. She says it hasn’t cured the problem, but has definitely helped him sleep better. Just stay strong when dealing with her misbehavior and as much as possible stay calm. (easier said than done) Kids often enjoy seeing they have the power to get their parents all upset, etc. She is strong willed, so you will have to be stronger willed 🙂

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