change 1

Thanks for suggestions on Lucia.  I felt the love.. seriously!  One of the reasons I started blogging was to hopefully connect with other moms.  If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the last years (especially as a stay at home mom now) is that this job is often a lonely one.  So, thanks for helping my sanity.

I mentioned the other day that I brought a few ideas to Ryan after watching “No Impact Man” a couple weeks ago.  I failed to mention that my husband is a great support.  While he definitely has a little “green” inside him, he isn’t as nuts as me.  However- he supports my efforts and even helps me implement them.  He’s a keeper.  So, just in case you’ve been wondering what in the world I’m up to over here… we’re on to goal number 2 this week.  But first- here’s the update on goal one:

cut back to one vehicle:  we sold Ryan’s car.  Five days on Craigslist and a college boy came by with cash.  We had Ryan’s car since we were dating.  It was a great car.

But… the Accord was starting to have more old car issues (at 180,000 miles) and after the flood we just drove our van for a couple weeks and discovered having one vehicle at this point in life really isn’t hard.  The best part of it?  With the money from Ryan’s car we made a bigger payment on our van loan this month.  I love when the “less” mentality pays off in other ways!

A number of people (since finding out we sold the Accord), have said things to the extent of “don’t you feel trapped without a vehicle when Ryan is working..?”   No. I feel trapped because I have three small children.  The thought of packing them up for a run to Target has no appeal to me.  None whatsoever.

We’re happier at home.


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