change 2

return to cloth diapers: a year+ ago I was cloth diapering with Lucia.  We had gotten the rhythm of cloth diapers (and found some awesome wet bags).  Then Lucia started what would be a long season of ear infections & antibiotics.  What a mess.  The disposable diapers were back on the Target shopping list.

After watching No Impact Man I feel pretty sick about our trash situation. Not only are disposable diapers the third largest source of trash, they are expensive.  Even after receiving several packs of diapers as gifts, we’ve already spent over $120 on diapers in Colette’s first thirteen weeks of life.  On to a green diaper basket:

still considering a switch to wipes as well.. any input for me?


6 thoughts on “change 2

  1. Do it! You won’t regret it. We just use a bunch of baby washcloths (the thin, cheap ones at Target). You could also cut up old t-shirts or rags. They don’t need to be fancy. Keep a spray bottle by the wipes and you’re good to go. Throw them in with the diapers. Easy peasy!

  2. Love Love Love! I use cloth and love them. Those look like Flips! They have saved us sooo much and I love that I’m not adding to all that waste too! I decided to use cloth wipes and i honestly find them to work better than the disposable. I don’t have this disposable thing to get rid of on its own, they just go in with the wash of diapers! I do keep a box of disposable wipes around for some poos though. I ended up just getting some soft flannel at the fabric store and cutting them to size, for the solution i use a mixture of water/oil/essential oils/baby shampoo. I keep a bottle of the solution around and then moisten enough wipes for just a few days at a time (or they can get a little funky).

  3. Once you’re already cloth diapering, using cloth wipes is easy. Well, easy for #1 at least. We’re still using disposable wipes for #2 just because it’s less gross to me. Good luck!

  4. I have a friend who made all her cloth wipes out of baby receiving blankets. She was able to get them from friends who were no longer using them, so they didn’t cost her a dime.

  5. Reusable, warm washcloths are actually better on the skin than the wipes, so another good reason to switch! I can’t tell you how often I have asked staff to switch to using warm washcloths as much as possible when a resident/client has had skin irritation in the area covered by a diaper and that has led to the irritation clearing up faster. Some of the chemicals in the wet wipes can be irritating to the skin, especially sensitive skin. Since cloth diapers don’t always wick away the wetness from the skin as well as store-bought diapers, whatever you can do to be nice to the skin & keep it dry, the better results you’ll have :-).

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