what if..

Do you ever do something and wonder why in the world you didn’t do it sooner?

Me too.  Its a good feeling (somewhat), because it means whatever you finally did was a success.  It went better then expected.  Its a bad feeling (somewhat) because you’re left wondering why in the world you didn’t do it sooner.  This applies to a few things in my life right now.

Our family was out of church for a couple years (well, the kids and I really).  It happened unintentionally.  Ryan had been working in a church for a number of years and took a new job directing a non-profit ministry.  It was a needed change.  It was the right change for him/us.  But part of his job meant he would be working Sundays visiting local churches to raise support for the ministry.  Sundays started looking quite different then the previous years.

At the beginning of this year we found a church that offered a Saturday night service and we started attending church as a family again.  It felt strange but comfortable.  Jameson asked if we were going to church again and Lucia asked every.single.day to go to her “class” (which is actually a nursery.. but I have to remind her she still wears diapers).  We had quite a few valid excuses for not going to church for two years.  After all, Ryan is in a different church most every Sunday.  Maybe it was the break that makes me appreciate church so much more?  We’re back in church.

Ryan came home last night after speaking at youth camp all of last week.  We’re all happier together.  Tonight we enjoyed our first walk (of the summer) by Lake Superior. This is 15 minutes from our house!  Why in the world is this our first walk of the season?  Crazy.. right?

I’m feeling stirred and ready for something.  I don’t want to wish I had done it sooner.


One thought on “what if..

  1. I am SO glad to know that you guys have found a church. I had been praying for you to find the right place for you and the kids. Church is such an important part of our lives. It is extremely important for the kids, but for you and Ryan also. Ryan needs to be ministered to, since he is giving out in his job. The children are the stage in their lives where they are like sponges and can just soak up so much more information than we give them credit for. I was thinking the other day that Ryan was only a year older than Jameson when he gave his heart to the Lord. Through the years we have made being in church a priority, and I can honestly say that we have NO regrets about the time we have given to the church and its work. I know people say that you can be a strong Christian and not be a part of a church, but I think that you really miss out a lot on what God has for you. That is my biggest concern about out move to the mountains. After being a part of a dynamic church like Cornerstone, I want us to find a strong church there.

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