her first diet

Last night as we were getting ready for bedtime snacks, Jameson turns to Lucia and says: “lucia- you can’t eat anything anymore ’cause you’re on a diet.”

I’ve mentioned on the blog before (here or here).. about our lengthy search to figure out Lucia’s stomach.  After finding very little with our regular pediatrician, we’ve had Lucia in to see a homeopathic Dr. this year & slowly but surely I think we’re getting closer to helping her!  Last week we got blood results back from an IGA/IGG test.  This test goes further then the standard food allergy testing (which we’ve done with Lucia and came back with nothing).  Checking her IGA/IGG food panel allows us to see immunoglobulins (antibodies) to identify where the body isn’t working (particularly in fighting off infections/illnesses). Results are back.  The largest culprit is dairy followed by: egg, citrus fruits, and gluten.


You’d think (and hope) these foods wouldn’t be her favorite.  But egg and oranges are big ones.  It was good to finally go ahead and pay for the testing.  But the truth isn’t always easy or cheap.  Is it?  I know quite a few of you probably have experience with dietary things.. so please spill the goods.  Any resource is helpful as we tread new ground.  A couple new ideas I’m thinking of include: coconut milk & avocado pudding.

I never thought my girl would diet this young.  But the good news is.. this diet has the potential to fatten her up a bit!


5 thoughts on “her first diet

  1. Matt and I were discussing this the other night and we are so happy y’all have figured things otu! How stressful it must have been not knowing!

  2. There’s a Facebook for kingdom kids I follow. Their story is amazing. I think they have 5 kids and their family is free of gluten, sugar, and are heavily organic. I heard the mom speak one time, and she has also written a book/cookbook. That would be a great resource for you!

  3. Liz,

    My Maggie has food allergies. We have done all of this testing as well. She doesn’t do dairy or gluten. Neither do I. If you want to get together I can show you my cookbooks, give you some helps/support etc. It’s a frustrating thing but it doesn’t have to be. I’d LOVE to help.
    Stephanie Johnson ( Heather’s sis)

  4. I am so glad that you at least know what the things are to avoid. It’s not easy that’s for sure, but there are more alternatives out there than there once was. I use almond milk. It comes plain or in vanilla. Does that also mean no regular yogurt? There are also egg beaters (you can use in place of regular eggs). You know Matt can probably let you in on gluten free substitutes. In fact, Ashlye and I were discussing recipes and she said that there are many sites on line for gluten free recipes. The bummer is that the alternatives are more expensive and it takes more time to cook those recipes. Poor little Lucia 😦 Hopefully, getting rid of these things will help her feel better.

  5. Lately we’ve done some experimenting with quina. It can be used in place of rice or pasta and they make a flour out of it as well though I haven’t tried it and it gluten free. Piper really likes it prepared like oatmeal with some honey and cinnamon in it.

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