For about a year now I’ve been contemplating a rug for our living room.  (Obviously, I’ve had other things on my mind!)  I think a rug would help aesthetically tie the room together. It would also help hide the fact that our cream carpet is worn.  We’ve tossed around the idea of pulling up the carpet because we know there is hardware below… but we also know thats risky and some days we feel riskier then others (after all.. our house was built in 1909 and is currently for sale).

Here is our living room before we bought the house:

Our living room is huge.  We loved the high ceilings and white walls.  Because white walls are asking for paint and painting is therapy.  Seriously.  For the first five years the walls were a sage green.  Last year Ryan painted it for me while I was pregnant with Colette.  I love the lighter color.  Here is our living room this summer:

What do you think?  Would you add a rug?  And if so… what color?  After a year of contemplating… I’m thinking maybe an oval one (to tie in with the entry).

Talk to me.

(photos taken by Shutter Stories)


6 thoughts on “contemplating

  1. I am in the same boat! We need an area rug for our livingroom too. We have hardwood floors though. I do think you need an area rug, it’s just hard to find the perfect one that ties in the walls with the couches, pillows, drapes, etc. I’ve been searching for months and nothing has caught my eye. Sorry not very helpful. Hopefully you will sell the house before you even need to figure it out:)

  2. I totally think a rug would fit well. I searched for our living room for years and found one on Amazon. It was way less expensive and fit our space well. I would suggest making a rug out of news paper to measure how big or small you woul like it. As for color I think you could ge away with anything as long as you are willing to change the pillows/ blankets. Enjoy the search.

  3. I think the rug is a great idea. As you know, I have one in our den. I think it adds color and breaks up look of just carpet. Hope you can find one that you like.

  4. Liz, because your walls, curtains & woodwork are all lighter colors, I would put in a chocolate brown oval rug. I think adding another dark brown item on your wall left of the TV would help too. I noticed you have a dark brown bookcase & dark frames/clock on your other walls in there, except for the wall left of the TV…maybe some dark brown matting/frames around each of the white items hanging there….? I can’t quite make out what they are, but you’re so creative that I know you’ll have an idea. I think this will really tie everything together :-). Just suggestions, though, so it’ll be fun to see what you finally settle on! (I love your wall color along with your couch pillows & green blanket!)

  5. I think a rug in the space would look nice. Something in a color that would tie in with the entry rug and dining room floor.

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