why i blog

I shared this article on Facebook last week.  In my opinion the article nails my thoughts on “motherhood” today.  (Only after I read it, did I realize the article was written by a man.  Either way- nailed.)

I started blogging with the intent of better documenting life.  Because if my mom asked if I wanted to read her journal as a young mom.. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute.  I’d want to know the details of her day, her passions, the random things my siblings and I did, her struggles.  Honestly, if I don’t write things down there is no way I’m going to remember. Anything.  (I can’t even remember Colette’s birthday.. well, I’m 50/50).

Either way- in no way do I want to pretend our days are perfect or only show pictures where the kids are matching and all would appear that we live a perfect/storybook life. We don’t.  We fall short.  So I struggle some days when I sit down to write.  I don’t want to ignore the real hard challenges we walk through but I also don’t want to “throw up” the details of our shortcomings either.

I believe the article is right on.. its time to level the field and boast in our weakness.  I’ve got plenty.  It just doesn’t feel as comfortable or look as pretty.


One thought on “why i blog

  1. Thanks for linking to that article. I hadn’t seen it before (used to read Challies all the time but haven’t in a couple of years) and I’m off to read it closely now. Today is one of those mommy-guilt-heavy days…and getting off the computer would probably help! 🙂 But I’m enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing those thoughts. I, too, struggle with the balance of what I put on my blog–I don’t want it to be a downer, and I do want to share the good things that I could easily overlook. I want it to have a balance that reflects what is real in our lives, both the good and the hard.

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