this & that

The end of our week.  Here are the things on my mind:

1) I need to update my pandora stations.  Not that I listen to music a lot (we make enough noise around here), but if I wanted to listen to music.. I need something fresh.  Any suggestions?

2) I’m finally reading (just a little) and it feels good.  How strange to actually remember where I left off in a book.  I’m currently reading Contrarian’s Guide to knowing God (a great recommendation from Ry).  So far I find it quite refreshing in how we look at faith.

The goal of spirituality is not to lead- its to know and please God.

3)  A friend read this post and had me over last week to give me all her info on a gluten/dairy free diet.  I’m still learning, but she gave me a great foundation and even sent me home with samples for Lucia to try!  One of the greatest gifts in life (I’m convinced) is not feeling alone.  When someone says “I’m here.  Let me help you”.  Mrs. Johnson is a sweetheart.

4) I’m thinking its about time to add baby cereal to the shopping list.  Its anytime after four months.. right?

5) Sunday I’m taking a road trip to see my sister Kate.  This will be my first visit in her new home/location.  To say I’m counting down the hours like a little kid before Christmas morning would sum up the feeling..


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