my chicks

We’ve had a perfect summer in Duluth as far as weather goes.  This is my favorite place to be when the heat sets in because we feel the breeze from Lake Superior. Summer humidity is nasty (in my book).  Summers in Duluth are glorious.

Last time we had a babysitter over I was remarking how tan she was. Her response: “well… I lay out a lot.  Summers are Soooooo boring. you know?”

Oh to be sixteen..  I don’t remember boring summers anymore.

Here are my three darlings and what they did this summer.

Jameson ( 4 yr 3 months)  Jameson is all boy.  He runs hard (like a little quarterback). Usually within minutes of playing outside his hair is wet with sweat.  He loves riding his bike, playing with sticks (the bigger the better), hitting balls, coloring, and hesitantly joins Lucia in water games.  He is a sweet big brother often comforting or helping with the girls. Of course seconds later if he is agitated (by Lucia) he’ll smack her.  So far he is so sweet with Colette.  She LOVES him and he’ll do anything to make the girl laugh. Jameson delights in the small things.  A jelly bean? (I just made his day).  He loves character t-shirts. If his current favorite isn’t clean he’ll come down to breakfast in his underwear and say he has nothing to wear.

Lucia ( 2 yr 5 months)  Lucia is all girl.  Its humorous (sometimes).  She screams, cries, already talks about her feelings, and is quite obsessed with whether or not things are scary.  If they’re scary she doesn’t like them.  If they’re a little scary she likes them.  She WANTS attention.  When we go to the park any innocent bystander is pestered with “look at me” until they acknowledge what she’s doing (clearly, this trait is not from her mother). She is smart as a whip.  She bosses to death.  I need to drive the van faster.  If I don’t have my seatbelt on in the van (by the time I sit down) I’ve forgotten my seat belt.  Maybe she’ll be a cop?

Colette (4 months) Colette is easy.  She smiles, laughs, coos.  She chews on anything she can get to her mouth.  The only time she gets worked up is when she wants to eat. And if I try to burp her in the middle of a feeding?  She attacks.  She could roll over if she tried.  Right now she just rolls to her side and camps out there.  She loves being outside. When its time to sleep she typically pulls the blanket up over her head.  She’s fitting (quite snug) into the 6 month size now.  She is sweet as honey.

Yesterday on our drive home from Fond du Lac I noticed the leaves have started to turn. Fall here we come.. I’m sure you’ll be no less boring then our summer.


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