change 3

Finally an update on the changes we continue to make at home.  Its been rewarding to see how I can make decisions in my daily schedule that result in less waste and spending.  I’m giving much more thought to the things we do which has been.. refreshing!  Yes, it does require more work (in some ways).  We have to plan ahead with one vehicle, I have to wash diapers every other morning and dry them in time to keep Colette’s bum covered, and now I’ve been focusing on our trash situation.

For a family of our size (4+ members) the garbage size recommended by our waste service is 96 gallons (for a weekly pickup)!  That’s nuts.  In addition to cloth diapers (which is a huge cut back in trash), we’ve also started composting this month.  Now you think I’m nuts, don’t you?   My friend Lindsay was a huge resource in how composting works which has made the change much easier then expected.  My biggest concern was having a pile of stinky waste in the back yard.  What could be more exciting to my two toddlers?  I had a mental picture of Lucia wearing a banana skin over her head or Jameson using compost to make “soup” in the sandbox… oh dear!  So, we’re composting.. but we’re doing it the easy way.  I bought a small compost can for the kitchen counter as well as biodegradable bags.  Once the can is full, I tie off the bag and put it into a rubbermaid bin in our garage.  Then once a week we do a drop off at a compost site just a few miles from our house.  The site actually gives us a few more bags each time we drop off.  They use the “Bag to Nature” brand (which I’ll buy if I need to keep some on hand.  They feel stronger).

Cut back in garbage size = $15 savings per month + one step closer to being a bit greener.


One thought on “change 3

  1. I compost the” natural way “. Since we have the woods all around our yard, I put all of my fruit and vegetable scraps in the woods for the “critters” to eat. So that takes care of a lot of my garbage 🙂

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