embrace the camera

The air feels like fall.

Fall reminds me of early pregnancy (although.. that wasn’t always the case).  I’ve had three spring babies in the last five years.. which if you do the math.. means I’ve found out I’m pregnant in the fall.  Right about this time.  It’s a sweet memory because finding out there is life within you.. well, it’s indescribable.

It’s also a hard memory because nausea is so strong for me in early pregnancy (as I said back in this post).  Fall reminds me of the days when I laid in bed and watched the color of the trees change.  The smell of fall reminds me of throwing up.  It reminds me of the many mornings I conquered the challenge of making it down the stairs, to the kitchen, for a snack, and back to my bed without throwing up.  It felt like so much.  Yes, the memory is strong.  Still.

This morning I pack up my two girls (as Jameson is off to preschool) and take our morning walk.  The air feels like fall.  The colors are changing and brilliant.  I run down the stairs to catch Lucia before she sneaks out the back door.  We walk and we play until we’re hungry for lunch.

Fall has never looked so beautiful.  Never.


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