things just keep moving

It’s getting colder.  This morning as the boys were getting ready to leave it was 46.  As in 46 degrees.  Just when I thought we were coming to something that felt like routine (being home with three little ones) … 46 blows into town.  Not so fast.

A couple other things that have been moving along here at the Underwoods:

-Lucia started potty training last week.  She is a rockstar.  Two accidents the first day and not one since.  The biggest challenge: finding underwear small enough to fit stay on her butt.

-Colette started baby cereal last week.  Jameson was so excited to watch which of course ended up being a huge mess.  Since starting she has been quite cranky.  Now I’m wondering if the cereal (or the formula mixed with it) bothered her.  She’s only had the “real stuff” so far.

Far to soon we’ll be inside as our temps keep dropping.  The kids will be bouncing off the walls and I’ll be walking in circles (the mental picture alone makes my body tense up). Does anyone have suggestions on how to stay sane this winter?



3 thoughts on “things just keep moving

  1. Elin still has a problem with underwear being way too big. We have had luck with find them at target…not sure the brand but I think they come in a pack of 5 and have bold colors…they are very cute.

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with Matt! Move south! I truthfully can’t imagine being confined in the house with the children for such a long time. I know last January when they were here, it really helped to get them outside and let them run off some of their energy. Keep lots of art supplies on hand as they seemed to enjoy that, play dough, painting, movies. If you still have the McQueen tent, bring it out. They loved playing in it.

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