what i do

Ryan is working extra long hours this weekend which means the three bakery donuts on top of our fridge might be consumed by ME.  Alone.

I went to my first MOPS meeting with the girls yesterday.  If I had known a couple years ago what MOPS was… I probably would’ve told you I’d never join.  Why?  Because its a group of all moms.  I like moms… there is just something about a large group of them in one space. It’s unpredictable.  We’re all living on far to little sleep, socialize primarily with our little ones, and wish we had hobbies.  Top that with a couple “wild cards” who are entirely emotional.  Do you follow me?  Well anyways.. I went.  I stepped out of my normal comfort zone and it feels good to be (slightly) outside the box.

Isn’t being a mom crazy?  The feeling that you’re about to go nuts if you don’t get time alone.  Then you’re finally alone but think of your little ones at home.  Your body is always needed for feeding, holding, wiping, chasing.  You’d like to be left alone.  But then your little one is hurt or sick and you don’t want to let them go.  The constant being talked to. Oh… the questions!!  But when the day is over and you’re tucking them in and they whisper: ” I love you, mama”.  Sweet words.  You feel strong enough for another day.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for eight months now and early on gave myself a timeframe of how long it would be until I’m working again (you know.. the real job).

I never would have said I’m the best suited for being a stay at home mom.  I still wouldn’t. But the experience definitely is changing me.

We’ve been going through a series at church the past couple months on parenting.  The content has been so good but makes you leave feeling a bit uncomfortable (or maybe just me).  This is a serious job!  One of the questions our Pastor asked has stuck with me: “what is my priority as a parent?”  Because even if I haven’t sat down and told my kids, they know.  More is caught than taught.

So.. what is your priority?


2 thoughts on “what i do

  1. thank you Liz for your honesty about motherhood…I am right there with you! I am looking at joining a MOPS group as well. Where do you go? How fun if we could join the same group of ladies!

  2. I hope that the MOPS group is a good thing for you and the girls. I never went to that, but I know when I was homeschooling it really helped to have the support and friendship of other moms who were at the same place in life that I was. They just started a MOPS group at our church,too.

    I can truthfully say that the one priority I had for the boys when they were growing up was to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind. Not that I always achieved that goal, but that was what I tried to keep as the underlying basis for what I did with them. Being a parent is the most difficult job you will ever have and there is nothing in life to prepare you for it. You learn by “on hands experience”. I see now that your job as a parent is truly never over, but it just takes on different dimensions. Once a mom, always a mom. I still think about Ryan and Matt and the challenges they are facing in their lives and many times my heart aches for them. I can no longer pull them into my lap and kiss away the hurt, though. So now I pray DAILY for the Lord to be the guiding force in their lives and ask Him to soothe the hurt and pain, and bring peace.

    You are doing a wonderful job with the children, LIz. They are SO precious! Being a stay-at-home mom is definitely not easy, but it’s rewarding. I can say now that I am on the other side, I do NOT regret the sacrifices we made in order for me to stay at home with the boys. It was worth it! So be encouraged, yes, there are days when you think you might go crazy, but that is true no mattter what your job is! Keep seeking the Lord, He will help you be the mom He wants you to be.

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