Just to give a summary on the changes I talked about in this post ..cause i don’t like loose ends.. and loose ends ABOUND in my life right now.  You should see the crazy “to do” notes I write to myself and how long it takes me to get something done (like getting that rug for the living room).  So.. here is change four and some conclusions.  These changes have been two months in the making.

1) cut back to one vehicle.  This change has been so good and I think Ryan would agree (except that he drives a minivan now).  Dear, you look just as young and wild driving the Sienna.  Well, close.  On several occasions the change has also forced the kids & I to walk when I would’ve taken the van for a ten minute errand.  Like when I’m in the middle of making almond chocolate chip scones and realize we don’t have eggs..

2)  return to cloth diapers.  Cloth diapering is way easier then you might expect. Once you get in a habit of washing diapers in the morning, there really isn’t much more work involved.  Of course, I bought the easiest cloth diaper option out there which helps.  I haven’t changed over to cloth wipes yet, but based on your comments.. I really should!

3) cut back on our garbage.  I never would’ve said we were wasteful before, but after paying more attention to what I can recycle, by cloth diapering, and starting our compost… we really have had a huge cut back in garbage.  This week our garbage can (the smaller one pictured below) was only half full!

4) cut back on paper products.  Originally I had thought this change would involve eliminating paper towel and paper napkins from our shopping list.  That was the plan, but eliminating paper products when you have little ones…well, it’s a big deal.  A convenience I like.  So, we’ve been 50% successful here.  The paper towel holder is down and it hasn’t been hard to use a regular towel in replacement of the paper towel.  Napkins was a different story.  I bought a few cloth napkins at a thrift store for a buck (just to give us a trial run before committing).  They were always dirty and stain easily.

So, my four ideas of how we can reduce-reuse-recycle are done.  I’m checking it off the list!  For me I feel motivated to make changes primarily to cut back on costs in our monthly budget.  Of course its a bonus if our changes are beneficial to the environment… but I wouldn’t say I’m “green” enough (as that isn’t my primary goal).

Now its your turn!  After reading todays post, I’d love it if you’d comment on one thing you do to save on monthly expenses.  Maybe we all could pick up a good idea here!  Also let me know which of my four changes would be the hardest for you to make.  I never would have thought paper products would be “it” for me.  I guess we always have something new to learn!


One thought on “conclusion

  1. We’ve saved a lot by making our own laundry detergant and only using half of a dryer sheet per load. I have heard that you can soak an old washcloth in fabric softener and let it dry, and then you can use that many times as a dryer sheet (it also means less garbage!). I havne’t tried that one yet.

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