a boy

One thing I’m learning as a mom.. there is always someone/something.  The seasons of learning, discipline, milestones, sleep, clothing… it’s always changing.  So just when you think ” good.. I’m getting a handle on Lucia’s diet” there is potty training (that you’ve been putting off until the diet was figured out), and Jameson’s pants for the day look more like capris..

Before becoming a mom, something I always said I wanted to do was parent our kids individually.  Recognizing they most likely would be different from one another.  And they are!  Now I want it to not only be something I said, but something we actually do.

Jameson has turned into a boy over the summer.  It’s new territory.  Just last week he spent hours every day markering super hero pictures from his coloring book to take to his friends at preschool.  He would pick out pictures based on who he thought their favorite characters are.  Jameson is sensitive.  He wants to please.  He isn’t shy, but having a little sister like Lucia I’ve noticed how he’ll do just about anything to compete for attention. (And she is a hard act to compete with).

We’ve been told by Jameson’s preschool that he’ll be ready for kindergarten next fall.  As in NEXT YEAR!  He’d be young in his class (with a May birthday).  I think about his first year of school and wonder what is the right thing for Jameson.  It’s a big deal.. isn’t it?

I want us to parent him individually.

Speaking of sensitive.. since having Colette, Jameson has asked a number of times how she got out of my belly (which I’m sure is confusing in the mind of a four year old).  I’ve explained that Colette was growing too big inside me to stay in, so the Dr. had to cut mama a little bit to get her out.. and then we got to see Colette and take her home!

Just the other day Jameson and I were sitting in the rocker talking about a number of things on his mind when he said… “mom, the Dr. had to cut you to get Colette out… but did he also cut you to get her in there in the first place?”  

New territory.


2 thoughts on “a boy

  1. BAM! Wow! Ha ha ha! I had to talk with Avram about how Fern came out. But he didn’t ask that follow up question. Good luck!

  2. Oh my gosh! I do believe our little toddler has become a boy. In the last few pictures he has looked so grown up and when we skyped the other night, I could tell he has grown! I hope the next box of goodies won’t disappoint him. He may have outgrown the coloring books and the movie I sent 😦 It’s mind boggling to realize that he will go to school next year!!!! I didn’t start either of my boys until they were 6. I had them in a pre kindergarten program, but didn’t actually start the real school until they were 6. After teaching first grade for a few years, I saw so many little guys who just weren’t ready for school having to try and adjust to the demands of school. I don’t think it ever hurts boys to be a little older. It is a big decision that you and Ryan will have to pray about and do what you think is best. I can’t believe he is asking those kind of questions about how Colette got here!!!

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